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Elections 101 - Elections Overview

This 7 minute video provides an overview of elections in Wisconsin. Follow Carmen on the's fun!

Elections Overview

Nuts and Bolts

Carmen takes you along to learn just how the election process works in Wisconsin - 6 minute video

Nuts and Bolts of Voting in Wisconsin

Election Security and Integrity

This 6 minute video provides an overview of the steps taken to ensure election security and integrity...the information may surprise you!

Election Security and Integrity

A Day at the Polls

Join Carmen as she spends a day at the polls in this 4:30 minute video.

A Day At The Polls

   A Dialogue about Ethical Leadership with Brad   Pfaff and Richard Kyte

  A better way to learn about the values and beliefs of candidates.

                                                 Dialogue Regarding Ethical Leadership

        Bridging the Political engaging presentation by Bill                     Doherty, co-founder of Braver Angels.

                                    Bridging the Political Divide...Bill Doherty

A Conversation about Meaningful Steps toward Campaign Finance Reform

Video Link

2022 LeaderEthics Award Recipients: Brian Rude & Jill Billings

Gerrymandering Trends and the Future of the American Democracy: Adam Podowitz-Thomas & Sam Scinta

Video Link

Community Effort to Counter Information Disorder 

Local media and community leaders provide testimonial support for collaboration to  counter  the effects  of disinformation on the local community.

Video Link

County Leadership During Politically Divided Times

A video of the full October 20, 2021 program featuring John Smalley, Josh  Schoemann and  Steve O'Malley.

Link: County Leadership During Politically Divided Times

Final-Five Voting in Open Dialogue

A video of the full September 29, 2021 program featuring Katherine Gehl. James  Schmidt, Senator Jeff Smith, Mike DeRosa and Geoffrey Peterson.

Link: Final-Five Voting in Open Dialogue

Final-Five Voting in Wisconsin

Link: Katherine Gehl Video Clip (2:39 minutes)

Message from Russ Feingold on Ethical Leadership

Link: Russ Feingold Video Clip - 2.22 minutes

The Vote Safe Project

In September 2020, Panelists JB Van Hollen, Josh Kaul, Reid Magney and Ginny Dankmeyer discuss safe and secure voting during the pandemic.

-Video available on the LeaderEthics-Wisconsin Facebook page

Final Five Voting in Wisconsin

Link: Gehl-Cunningham Event

Rep. Steve Doyle and former Rep. Lee Nerison are selected as the 2021 LeaderEthics Award recipients

WKBT - LeaderEthics Award Recipients

Ethical Leadership...Pathways Forward

Link to Annual Meeting 

Bipartisanship: The Challenges and  Opportunities...a  Candid Discussion

A video presentation featuring Congressman Ron  Kind and La Crosse Tribune Executive Editor Bob Heisse. February 23, 2021 

Kind/Heisse Video Link

A Conversation About Ethical Leadership in Today's Environment - Russ Feingold

September 2, 2020 video presentation to LeaderEthics-Wisconsin members and guests by Russ Feingold

Link to Russ feingold Presentation

Actions to Promote Ethical Leadership

The first step is to establish our expectations. On July 15, 2020, a virtual member poll was conducted. The results were presented to our panel who provided their response. The panel members (left to right) are: Catherine Kolkmeier, Joe Heim and Jill Grennan. 

Video Link

Ethical Leadership During Crisis: Leadership in Higher Education

The June 23, 2020 LeaderEthics-Wisconsin La Crosse chapter event featuring Dr. Jeff Rafn, President of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, plus the C-SPAN award-winning video by Trevor Connaher.

Jeff Rafn Audio: Audio Link

C-SPAN Video: Trevor Connaher Video

Ethical Leaders During Crisis: Helping Our Neighbors, Helping Our Communities

The April 28, 2020 LeaderEthics-Wisconsin chapter event featuring Tom Thibodeau and an organization update by Lee Rasch

Video Link

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